A Friendly Game Of Cat And Rat

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In this video, a cat and a rat cuddle, play, and lick each other, seemingly unaware that they are supposed to be mortal enemies.


The video of the rat, Peanut, and cat, Ranj, was posted on YouTube and already has more than 2 million hits. The owner described their relationship as "Rat loves cat... cat tolerates rat ... My rat, Peanut, follows Ranj around everywhere! She gives him kisses and hugs." [Daily Mail]

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Remedios Varo

I like most animals, and for the animals I don't like, I'm merely indifferent toward them. However, my best friend has two pet rats, and while they're fun to play with, there's something unsettling about the fact I'm cooing over creatures that once helped decimate half the population of Europe. I prefer even snakes to rats.