A Five-Part Series on #MeToo Is Coming in February

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Image via Getty.

PBS announced on Tuesday that it will air a five-part series about the #MeToo moment. The series, #MeToo, Now What?, is scheduled to debut on February 2.


According to PBS’s announcement during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, the series will be hosted by Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women International, a humanitarian group focused on providing support to women whose lives have been disrupted by war. Salbi is also an editor-at-large for Women in the World, the Tina Brown-helmed company who will produce the PBS series.

PBS touts the series as an attempt elevate the often difficult conversations sparked by #MeToo, and ultimately answer the question, “How did we get here and how can we use this moment to effect positive and lasting change?” In order to answer, Salbi will “engag[e] both women and men from all generations and walks of life in dialogue about these difficult issues.”

The series promises to cover workplace sexual harassment, pay inequality, pop culture, and men’s role in the conversation. “In order for this conversation to create true cultural change, we must talk with the man on the street, in our lives, our colleagues and friends,” Salbi said in a statement. “Equally, we need to have the conversation with the women in our lives to examine why, when we’ve seen sexual misconduct, we’ve often looked the other way when it didn’t impact us directly.”

During Tuesday’s TCA announcement of #MeToo, Now What?, PBS President Paula Kerger briefly addressed Charlie Rose. Kerger said that even though Rose’s show exercised production independence, that PBS was not “absolved” of responsibility.


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