A Drunk Justin Bieber Tried to Ruin Ancient Mayan Site, Also Took Off His Pants

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Justin Bieber has returned to being the young, entitled pop star that we all love—or loathe—and remember. Apparently he was thrown out of Tulum, an ancient Mayan site in Mexico, for climbing on restricted ruins and taking off his pants; all while drunk, of course.


According to reports, Bieber and new ladyfriend, Hailey Baldwin, visited the site on Thursday, where they enjoyed learning about the ancient cultures of Mexico.

Upon entering Tulum, the troublesome Canadian is said to have decided that was the time to drop trou and “[show] off his backside” while posing for a photo. Understandably, security wasn’t thrilled at this behavior and asked him to stop, which he did after a heated exchange of threats and insults.

Soon after, Bieber reportedly ventured off into a restricted area despite signs prohibiting entrance. It’s at that point that he and his friends were finally told they had to leave and were escorted off the site.

At least Bieber is keeping his hard-earned reputation intact. [Page Six]

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