A Domestic Violence PSA, Starring Tinder

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“Even nice guys can become violent fast,” says the ad agency Bravo/Y&R, which is why non-profit organization Women in Distress took to Tinder to address domestic violence via right swipe.

[Ad Week]

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This is weird...and makes me feel...things. I feel like this is really trying to scare women into buying into this. I feel like the name is awful. I feel like a series of photos of a dude about to punch someone who is ostensibly you is whoa. I feel like totally ignoring men as victims of abuse also kind of sucks. I get what they are trying to do and like, start the conversation. But why not try starting the conversation from the other side too like, “Hey maybe you should not beat or emotionally abuse your SO, these behaviors indicate you have a problem and need help, here are some resources for that, psycho.”? I don’t know.