Screengrab: Twitter

Queer rapper Mykki Blanco took to Twitter Friday evening to describe an extremely disturbing incident that took place on his Delta flight from Toronto to Detroit. According to Blanco, he was woken up at the end of the flight by a cop who’d been called by the man sitting next to Blanco. The man’s explanation for calling the cops was pure homophobic hogwash, but the cop sided with him anyway and threatened Blanco with jail time.

To Delta’s credit, despite probably getting a million angry tweets a day directed at them (almost always for far less serious shit), they did a little more than that Twitter brand thing of merely professing disbelief and sympathy, and actually asked Blanco to slip into their DMs to provide more information


Lindsay Lohan is still pitching herself as Ariel to Disney.

Honestly, it’s fine, I’d see it.


Kim Kardashian went back to blonde.


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