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A Delicious New Dream Destination: The Gelato Museum in Italy

Illustration for article titled A Delicious New Dream Destination: The Gelato Museum in Italy

Sometimes, suddenly, you see someone — or something — and realize your destiny is oh-so-clear. Today is that day! This September, in Anzola Emilia, outside Bologna, The Gelato Museum will open. GELATO MUSEUM. Luciana Polliotti, who may have the best job in the world, because she is a gelato historian and the curator of the museum, explains that gelato is an ancient tradition; folks were gathering snow and ice from mountaintops and using it to make sorbets and sherbets 1,200 years before Christ. (Click here to see video of the woman with your dream job talking about Gelato — in Italian, of course.)


According to the Telegraph:

The Gelato Museum will showcase the first written recipe, 10,000 photographs and documents and around 20 old gelato-making machines, including primitive, hand-operated churns made out of wood and iron.


Documents, sure, machines, okay, but MMM GELATO.


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Please please please let me wind up at this place one day.