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A crew member on the set of the forthcoming Anne Hathaway film The Witches was reportedly stabbed “during a confrontation with a coworker.” Was the coworker Anne Hathaway? Probably not, but I can’t prove it wasn’t, and neither can you!


According to E!,

The incident reportedly took place in the afternoon at one of the stages at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire in England, multiple outlets reported. The injured man was taken to a hospital and his suspected attacker was arrested, police said. Hathaway’s whereabouts at the time were not reported and it is unclear if she or any of the other actors witnessed the stabbing.


Or...perpetrated it! Anyway:

A spokesperson for Warner Bros. confirmed to the Hertfordshire Mercury newspaper that a “knife-related incident” had taken place on site and that enquiries were ongoing to establish the circumstances, saying, “I can confirm that there was an isolated workplace incident at the Warner Bros. studio production facility and the police are now handling the matter.”

A police spokesperson told the paper that a man “sustained a neck injury,” and a second man was arrested on suspicion of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. Yeah well. I await more information.


Amy Schumer posted a text exchange between her and Jennifer Lawrence on Instagram, which mostly makes me think that being friends with Lawrence seems extremely taxing. If anyone, including J. Law or Jesus himself, sent me this many texts in a row I would block them!

Illustration for article titled A Crew Member Was Stabbed on the Set of Anne Hathaways Upcoming Film

Previously, Schumer shared a screengrab of a conversation between them in which Lawrence asked if she wanted to get dinner, then canceled before Schumer could respond. Having friends: Is it even worth it?



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