A Creepy Young Man Showed Up on Chloe Grace Moretz's Doorstep With Cookies, So She Called the Cops

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Chloe Grace Moretz, an actor who has recently begun charming me in ways I was initially resistant to but have ultimately decided to embrace (she’s great Clouds of Sils Maria and Laggies!), was recently visited by a teen.


That Moretz, 20, would be visited by a teen is not that surprising, but this particular teen showed up to her home uninvited—riding a skateboard and holding a container filled with cookies. This is a creepy image, is it not? Moretz thought so, too. So she stayed in the house and called the damn cops. TMZ reports the teen then went next door, where he asked “a neighbor if this was Chloe’s home, and the neighbor started grilling the guy.” By the time the cops showed up, the teen had already skated away.

Why did I tell you this sorta boring story about a creepy incident with an anticlimactic ending, you ask? Because it’s got me thinking both Hell yeah, Moretz! Call the cops on this creep! and Damn, Moretz! You turned down cookies? That’s true strength. If a stranger had showed up to my home with a box filled with cookies, I probably would have peered skeptically through the door without removing the chain lock, asked for more details about the treats (what flavor, are they homemade, etc.), and requested a handful of them to try before calling the police.


Moretz is much smarter, and I find her response inspiring.


If you watched this year’s Oscar debacle and thought, “WHAT DID ANNETTE SAY????” you finally have your answer. Publicity icon Peggy Siegal recently shared this anecdote:

“At the entrance to the [Governors Ball] Warren Beatty walked up to me, still holding the two priceless envelopes as proof of his innocence. I asked him, ‘What happened?’  His phone rang. It was so noisy, he bent toward me to hear better. The phone was almost in my face and I heard Annette Bening asking where he was and saying, ‘Warren, come home.’ Warren said, ‘No. I have done nothing wrong.’ ”

“Warren, come home.” I can hear her saying it, and am so satisfied.

[Naughty Gossip]

Hahahahahaha I hate this.

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Imagining a MISSING TAYLOR SWIFT podcast that has a final episode like, “Oh, never mind, she’s fine.”

So ... I’m gonna start this and still continue it even after she’s returned to public view. You’re welcomed to appear on the show Bobby.

Also, why don’t you already have a podcast called Giving The Finger?



I. Cannot. Wait!