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A Conversation With The "Situ-Asian" From The Asian Jersey Shore

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Remember the Asian Jersey Shore show? We had a chance to ask Peter Le — a 27-year-old Scorpio who grew up in San Jose, California and has been dubbed "The Situ-Asian" — some questions about what to expect from K-Town.


Peter is a personal trainer and bodybuilder who "only" trains for 45 minutes, 3 times a week. He'd like to travel create online businesses that he can manage from "anywhere in the world" and "semi-retire"; he plans to travel around the world before he's 30. Peter's not Korean; he's Vietnamese. He's coy about his sexuality (although he tags many of his posts #gay), but you can see videos of him jacking off or wearing leather daddy gear on his website. He was once featured in Playgirl, and his sex fantasy involves a threeway with a man and a woman.


On thing is for sure: Peter loves to party. (Recent posts on his Twitter account: "i had 12 shots and im ready to party like i always to[sic]." and: "let the party start. shot shot shot.") When asked what viewers can expect from K-Town, he told us:

K-Town is very different from the other shows because Asian-Americans
know how to party. I believe the Asian-American nightlife is way more fun,
interesting, and adds more life to the nightlife scene.


I can read people quickly; within a few minutes of meeting the cast I knew that certain cast members would clash. People are already picking sides and there is going to be drama, some spiteful commentary, and maybe some hook-ups. Oh, did I mention, you will see how Asian-Americans really party?

We are sexual, outspoken, and interesting people that I know America will love.

Some more questions and answers:

Do you think that Asian women appear in TV shows and in movies more often than Asian men? If so, why do you think that is?
Asian-American women definitely appear in the media more than their male counterparts. That's because Asian men are still typecast into a very small segment, which I plan to change. And when Asian men do play the leading role, they rarely get the girl (that needs to change).


Recently, actor Dev Patel — who was in Slumdog Millionaire — said: "Asian actors tend not to be sent Hollywood scripts that are substantial or challenging. I'm likely to be offered the roles of a terrorist, cab driver and smart geek." Do you agree or disagree?
I have to agree with Dev Patel. A popular Asian-American columnist recently visited a college campus and students told him that they didn't want K-Town airing because it would make Asians looks bad. The columnist asked the students if they could name five Asian stars and they couldn't. He said, once K-Town airs you will know eight. Asian actors are tremendously underrepresented in the media.


In the poll for "better abs," you beat the Situation! What do you have to say about that?
It wasn't really a competition.

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Well he's definately better looking than the Jersey Shore guy. Smarter too but, you know, that part wasn't exactly challenging.

In terms of the actual show I will reserve judgement till it airs, but really, he's right - there do need to be not just more Asian actors on TV, but in a broader range of roles. I wish I could find the exact quote of what Takeshi Kaneshiro said when asked why he doesn't do more Hollywood movies, but it was something along the lines of "I'm not that interested in playing either a martial arts expert or a waiter".

I guess even racist Hollywood casting directors aren't dumb enough to think anyone would buy him as a computer geek.