Juju has more jobs than god, and that’s the way she likes it. A star of Love & Hip-Hop: New York, the boss of a real estate business, proprietor of a weave company, an actor and model, a part-time student (she’s working on her master’s degree) and, last but not least, something of an advice guru on social media, she is currently embarking on yet another task: author, under her fuller moniker, Juliet C.


In Secrets of a Jewel, her first book, Juju administers relationship real-talk for unapologetic women as well as those of us who might need a boost, something she’s learned in part from being with her fiancé, iconic Harlem rapper Cam’ron, for the past ten years. (To the delight of fans, they have chronicled their relationship in a series of hilarious skits on Instagram for quite some time now.) “It’s a juicy read,” she told us last month when she visited the Jezebel office, “but with some motivation at the end, and some advice.”


Juju’s Instagram is full of inspiration, whether it be her explicit body- and woman-positive messages for her followers or just setting an aspirational example of a smart, happy, enterprising Afro-Latina living her best life. (For the record, on Instagram she glows but in person she GLOWS.) We spoke with her about her book, her relationship, and juggling a busy life as an entrepreneur.

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