A 'Clueless' Musical Is Confirmed

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Amy Heckerling, director of Clueless, has confirmed that the film is on its way to being adapted into a Broadway musical. In an interview with ET, Heckerling said, “I’ve written the, what they call the book and it’s a jukebox musical.” Kristin Hanggi, who directed the Rock of Ages musical, is at the helm, and it will be produced by the same company who was behind Jersey Boys and the original Into the Woods.


Since it’s a jukebox musical, that means already-known songs will be featured instead of an original score. While Heckerling did not disclose which songs might be part of the production, some possible choices might include Jill Sobule’s “Supermodel,” which played during Tai’s makeover scene and Coolio’s “Rollin’ With the Homies,” which Tai sang during the Valley party. There were also tunes that were heard in the movie, but didn’t end up as a listing on the soundtrack—like No Doubt’s “Just a Girl.” For some, Clueless could be considered as the gateway to No Doubt. Tragic Kingdom, the band’s breakthrough album which featured the aforementioned track, wasn’t released until three months after Clueless came out in theaters.

A musical rendition of a classic film could be considered just as bad as a remake, but I think of it as the movie being born in an alternate dimension. Other teen comedies that went the way of the Broadway musical and had success were Bring it On and Legally Blonde. A version of Mean Girls is also planned for the stage. As for who will fill Cher’s Mary Janes, Heckerling said, “Well casting—that’s like going to be like the main problem.” Who will it be?!

Clueless will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next month.

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i don’t care what anyone says THIS IS FUCKING FANTASTIC