A Canadian University Is Offering a Marijuana Business Course

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A university in Vancouver is offering a course in one of today’s most lucrative businesses: weed. The class, which is called Introduction to Professional Management of Marijuana for Medical Purposes in Canada, will instruct students on how to own and operate a marijuana business.

The CBC reports that the 14-week online course, available at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, will be comprised of relevant topics such as plant production, legalities and regulations, marketing and sales and medical conditions and drug development.

While a few dozen students—including international applicants—have already signed up, the course will revolve around Canada’s current regulations for medical marijuana, the only kind that is legally allowed in the country as of now. Still, it seems even non-Canadian students will be able to get properly educated about the product itself.


Some course details from the National Post:

But students start from the ground up, beginning with identifying the difference between healthy and unhealthy plant roots. From there, students will be taught about hydroponic and irrigation systems, pest management and crop cycles. By the end of the first course, students will be primed on growing, harvesting, drying and storing bud.

Currently, Canada has 25 federally licensed marijuana growing facilities, 13 of which are in Ontario and six in British Columbia.

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Canada’s attitude towards pot is so bizarre. The government refuses to actually legalize it, and yet it’s available almost everywhere. Head shops openly sell all paraphernalia. Walk downtown in the summer, and you’ll smell it fairly frequently. Go to a park, and I guarantee you’ll see people smoking joints. The police don’t seem to care as long as there’s no major organized crime involved in the production.