A Bunch of NASA Fans are Annoyed With the GAP Not Knowing Their Rockets

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The GAP released a series of ads that lean hard on the fact that they’ve been around since the evocative year of 1969. Denim from head to toe is what America is all about. It seems like they don’t have a fact checker on staff, though.


In this ad emblazoned with the words “1969 New Generation,” a rocket is featured. 1969 was the year Apollo 11 landed on the moon, and it was a pretty big deal, unless you think the moon landing was faked. Then it’s an even BIGGER deal, wake up sheeple!


Anyway, the picture of a space shuttle they used is from the wrong era. Popular Science says that model is most likely the ninth modification of Discovery, which dates it at about 1981.

Obviously, space nerds are enraged. I know this will turn many people against me, but the only space exploration photo I’ve paid much attention to is that image of a frog getting blown up. Whoever is running the GAP Twitter account is also kind of like, chill out, science lady:


Hmm, this seems disingenuous, because 1969 is definitely the date for memorable space exploration. Also, they featured a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass in another ad, so the theme is clearly “things we think were significant in 1969, but no one is 100% sure.”


A generous Internet person fixed the image for the GAP, and for whoever is still mad about it:


The Internet also made the perfect ad for lazy-minded fools like myself:


One day we’ll have the technology to ride cat farts to Mars.

Images via Twitter.

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Rebel Girl

I’m a space nerd, but I’d hope that you don’t have to be one to tell two of the most iconic vehicles of the 20th century apart.