A Bunch of Dicks Are Ruining a Nude Park in Paris

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In 2017, nudists in nudity-loving Paris were blessed with a small portion of the city’s Bois de Vincennes, where city officials at last permitted them to spend as much naked time in nature as their free-spirited hearts desired. Unfortunately, those nudists are now reportedly under attack from creepy, voyeuristic dudes.


The Guardian reports that women nudists have started complaining about men pestering them in the park, even though city officials promised to keep the two-acre nude section free of creepers. Police say they haven’t received any formal complaints, or made any arrests this year, but it sounds like at least a few women have had some very uncomfortable and downright terrifying experiences.

“Voyeurs and exhibitionists come and bother the women, some masturbate in front of them, of course they are afraid,” a nudist identified as Bernard told Le Monde. Another nudist, identified as William, claimed there were “perverts in the bushes” who watched and ambushed women.


According to French website The Local, women have reported men masturbating in front of them (which is also a crime in France), and nudists have spotted couples having sex near them, though apparently some park enjoyers think the reports of bad behavior are overblown. Still, city officials reportedly plan to step up law enforcement in the area to scare off the creeps, so hopefully soon everyone will be able to air out their les corps in peace and safety.


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Stupid question, but is this a women’s only nude beach or is it divided into sections?

Because except for the figurative dicks masturbating in public, I thought the risk of seeing literal dicks came with the territory of nude beaches.