A Broken Kit Harington Promises He'll Be a 'Good Little Hunk'

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Sometimes, in #Journalism, our words have an unexpected effect. They develop a life of their own, scampering out into the world to ignite a series of events we could have never imagined, not in our wildest dreams.

Anyway, I told Kit Harington to “shut his pretty little whine-hole” the other day after he complained about being sexualized, and it looks like he’s really bending to my will!

During an appearance on The Today Show this week, the actor told his interviewer:

“I’ve kind of decided I’m going to be a good little hunk and shut up. It’s one of those–you say something and then didn’t realize people would jump on it.”


As the only writer on the Internet brave enough to tackle this story, I have never felt so powerful, so important, so utterly Heard.

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His eyes pierce right into my soul (I call my vagina my soul).