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A Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand Could Be Opening Near You

Illustration for article titled A Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand Could Be Opening Near You

Arrested Development's fourth season premiere is just around the corner (May 26!) and to prepare Netflix is opening up real-life Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stands across the globe!


Sorry — across the globe is a bit of a stretch. The banana stands will be located in London, New York and Los Angeles (the Wee Britain one opened today) so chances are that you're more than a segway ride away. Still, it might be worth strapping on the ol' jetpack and flying out for it. Various members of the Bluth family will be making surprise appearances at the stands meaning you could be lucky enough to be insulted by Lucille in the flesh. (Is there a greater honor?)

The stands' locations are being announced at the official Arrested Development twitter account. They will stay open for a limited amount of time before being burned to the ground in misguided displays of familial solidarity.


If you can't make it in time, don't worry about it. I ordered one and it had a foot in it.

[Arrested Development Twitter]

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First time I ever felt like a Hipster. No one was watching AD back then, now people are all excited that it's coming back, where was the support back then? Especially young people who were like ten when the show was on.

I even watched that kinda crap Keri Russell show because it sorta had AD ties.