A Blood Diaper, For Your Menstrual Needs

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Great news, for anyone whose period has ruined a perfectly good pair of panties or fifteen: a company called Thinx has answered Mother Nature’s call with a line of undergarments designed to block every menstrual drop and stain from ruining your clothes, your sheets, and your sanity.


But what about tampons and pads?, you might be thinking to yourself. (Scoffs) Get those crusty things outta here, reports Nylon.

The woman-designed and run brand produces underwear that hopes the expell the need for pads, tampons, and panty liners. Produced in a family-run factory in Sri Lanka, the underwear has four layers that help to absorb menstrual blood and fight bacteria. Available in three different designs, each style has different absorbant properties. The thong promises to hold up to half a tampon’s worth of blood, the ‘cheeky’ up to one tampon’s worth, and hiphugger up to two tampons’ worth.

So instead of walking around with blood-soaked pieces of cotton fiber that you regularly change throughout the day (in theory; we all know someone who’s let a ‘pon go a few extra hours beyond its internal shelf life), in wearing Thinx, you’d instead be walking around in venerable blood diaper you’d just wear, and eventually wash (rinse first!).


By using Thinx, women can help decrease their carbon impact and reduce the amount of money they spend each month. By spending between $24 and $34 on each pair (which lasts about two years), you can help cut down your cost immensely.

All of this sounds like a good idea in theory, but the idea of walking around in blood-soaked underwear, no matter how wicking/absorbent/whatever buzzword usually affiliated with paper towels and workout clothes you want to use they are, I’m not sure I’m down with O.P.P. ([Potentially] Offensive Period Panties). Yet?

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As a proud member of Menstrual Cup Club, I am obligated to follow the first rule of Menstrual Cup Club, which is you always talk about Menstrual Cup Club.

I had written off cups after trying Insteads, which felt like I was being fisted by the Devil, but I decided to give it one more go and if it weren’t against the laws of man and God I would take my Moon Cup to wife... All the same benefits of the blood diaper without having to wear a blood diaper...