A Blanket. With Sleeves.

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It's ffffreeezing in NYC right now, and some of us [Dodai and I. -Ed.] are considering getting a Snuggie or a Slanket. No, really. Who's in? [Time, Megan McArdle]




A little while back, it was discovered that among my group of friends, approximately 90% of people become violently angry at the sight of the Snuggie commercial, and 4% have actually committed acts of violence when seeing someone actually wearing one.

As a result, we have formed the Anti-Snuggie Rebellion and are committed to ending this inexplicable retail phenomenon.

Since the formation of said group, we have accomplished much. We have voted to repurpose the use of the phrase "Wearing a Snuggie" to mean "getting one's ass kicked." Ex: "If that dude doesn't shut it, he's going to be wearing a Snuggie in no time." We have also made some t-shirts. Join us. What else are you doing on Facebook, anyway?