A 6-Year-Old Girl Tried To Stop A Robber Wielding an Axe

Little Sarah Patel was on hand when her family’s electrical shop in Auckland was attacked by robbers, at least one of whom was threatening people with an axe, the Guardian reports. Let’s give this little girl a round of applause for being brave as hell.


At the risk of encouraging other six-year-olds to approach men with weapons—which we, at Jezebel, do not typically approve of—I have to hand it to Patel for prioritizing other people’s safety in this brief CCTV clip. She first appears to try to stop the robber from attacking a store employee, then goes to retrieve her grandfather, and make sure he leaves the room.

Sarah’s father, Suhail Patel, said she did feel the danger of the moment later at home, where she was quiet and seemingly in shock. According to the Guardian, five of the six robbers who attacked the shop, a group of teenage boys, were apprehended by police who set out road spikes to stop their getaway. The sixth is still at large. After the robbers attempted to escape, they were also pursued by the Patel family in their car—guess it runs in the family.

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“Hey, can I borrow the car? Before you answer, remember that time I risked my life to save our livelihood and my grandfather from ax wielding robbers? Kthxbye!”