Watch Trump's Shitty Judicial Nominee Historically Bungle Every Single Question

A now-viral video of GOP Senator John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) grilling one of Trump‚Äôs judicial nominees revealed nominee Matthew Peterson‚ÄĒan FEC commissioner with no trial experience‚ÄĒto be excruciatingly incapable of answering basic questions about the law. Following this display, one in a string of embarrassingly‚Ķ

Glenn Close on the Weinstein Effect and Why Gossip Is Good

A few months ago, it might have been difficult to imagine a celebrity who‚Äôs been a household name since the ‚Äô80s‚ÄĒwhen supermarket tabloids drove so much discourse‚ÄĒarguing publicly for gossip‚Äôs value. But there in front of me earlier this week in the Crosby Street Hotel was national treasure and six-time Oscar nominee‚Ķ