Saturday Night Social: Adam Rippon Will Sashay, But In My Heart, Shantay

There are two kinds of winners in this life: there’s the kind who wins by quads with triple-toe loops. And then there’s the kind who summons his soul from his mortal flesh to perform a men’s free skate program so tender and graceful that, when Johnny Weir says in hushed voiceover–“he’s portraying a bird with a broken…

Butthurt Ex-Google Employee Who Wrote the Anti-Feelings Diversity Memo Lost His Labor Relations Challenge

The very smart Google employee who concluded that people with balls have more “drive”–and then circulated that conclusion in a 3,000 word thesis in an internal company network–has lost his National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) challenge arguing that Google violated labor laws for firing him in August. Bloomberg reports

Princess Diana's Personal Photographer Among Fashion Photographers Named in the Boston Globe's Sexual Abuse Investigation 

After so many accounts of sexual abuse have come out about Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber, and Mario Testino, the investigation into Weinstein’s use of fashion to corral young victims, and the modeling agent who came forward in January to share tales of endemic assault, the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team has issued…