A Used Condom, Screaming, And Porn: There's So Much More To How Bad Harassment Was At The Dallas Mavericks

For years, one guy in the Dallas Mavericks sales department would come into the office and watch porn at his desk. Former employees don’t remember exactly how often he did it—they were trying to avoid seeing it, after all—but it was often enough that multiple people who worked with him remembered seeing it multiple…

Trump's Pick to Lead United Nations Migration Agency Is a Conspiracy-Minded Islamophobe 

CNN has dug up a slew of old social media posts from Ken Isaacs, President Trump’s top pick to run the United Nations’s International Organization for Migration. Surprise: Isaacs posted a lot of anti-Islam garbage, with a light smattering of climate change denial, and the-Clintons-kill-people conspiracy theories.


Checklists, Safe Words, and Interrupted Orgasms: How Directors Are Navigating Consent During 'Rough' Porn Shoots

Several years ago, Angie Rowntree was on a porn set—a stark, unadorned dungeon—watching as an actor fingered his female co-star. The woman, kneeling on a bench with her wrists secured in front of her, suddenly shifted her body and inhaled sharply. Rowntree, who was taking still photographs as the director filmed the…