91-Year-Old Italian Grandpa Finishes Middle School, Will 'Keep Learning'

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The BBC picked up this truly adorable story out of Chieti, in central Italy: a nonagenarian named Nicola Torello has just finished middle school with excellent grades.


His four children, six grandchildren and even the Chieti mayor all came to the school to celebrate Torello’s achievement—a cap on a long life of working as a tailor, which included a stint in the army during WWII (the subject of one of Torello’s assigned essays). From the BBC:

The grandfather, who turns 92 in October, seems to be on a roll. He has now set his sights on studying at secondary school, and wants get a bit more familiar with technology. “I want to learn how to use a computer,” he tells the website, adding with a smile that at the moment he relies on his daughter. “I will keep learning, because my time must always be full.”


Hell yeah, Nicola Torello. Look at you stunting.

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Bears for President

Man, he’s really going to be disappointed when he gets to High School and learns how WW2 ended.