9-Year-Old's Movie Finds A Producer

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The movie How to Talk to Girls, based on the book by 9-year-old Alec Greven, has been picked up by producer Shawn Levy. Levy said his "intention is to make a warmhearted comedy." [Variety]


margareita metermaid

I tried to be all, eh whatever when i first read about this kid. But then I saw a picture of him where his hair was all gelled and his clothes unnaturally mature and read some of the excerpts, ie "i've observed pretty girls are only interested in their hair" and realized this was a sick ploy on the part of some adult in his life to cash in. WHat kind of nine yr old says "observed" and "interested"? I guess some might, but it seems highly coincidental that this kid also has an extremely precocious vocabulary. And then there's the matter of a nine yr old stereotyping girls, and adults thinking it's 'cute' and 'wise.' More dumbing down of society, this.