87-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Her Birthday By Skydiving

Not actually Ms. Lefebre but you get the idea.
Not actually Ms. Lefebre but you get the idea.

How would you celebrate your 87th birthday? Splitting an enormous cake with your 47 grandchildren and great-grandchildren? A pottery class? Jack Daniels? For Janis Lefebre’s 87th birthday, her family bought her a ticket to go skydiving.


That’s according to The Recorder (via the AP). Her descendants discovered she’d always wanted to try skydiving, and so they ponied up $235 for a ticket down at the local skydiving center.

“It’s just fun watching everyone be nervous for me,” she said right before jumping out of the plane. And it sounds like she had a lovely experience on her way down:

Lefebre said that skydiving is something she has always wanted to do. The experience, she said, did live up to her expectations. The cool air she found refreshing. The impact when jumping from the plane almost took her breath away.

“For my first try, it was perfect,” she said minutes after landing. “It’s almost like you want to go up again and see the sights. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.”


Her family enjoyed it too, sounds like. “Oh my God, she wears us out. At 87 she is unbelievable,” said her daughter. “I have the coolest grandma, ever,” said her 19-year-old grandson.

Happy birthday to Ms. Lefebre, and may we all be as adventurous when we’re octogenarians.

Photo via AP Images.

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