8-Year-Old Girl Takes The Wheel And Saves Her Grandmother's Life

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8-year-old Emma Hicks is being hailed as a heroine after she saved her grandmother's life (and her own) by taking the wheel of the family SUV after the grandmother, Jeannie Mendoza, passed out while driving.

CNN reports that Hicks had a bit of experience driving her father's lawnmower and tractor; perhaps that helped her maneuver the car to a safe place after her grandmother lost consciousness. In any case, both ladies are doing just fine, and Emma is being rightfully celebrated for her quick thinking.

Grandma Has Seizure, 8-Year-Old Takes The Wheel [CBS11]

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Tara Incognita

Whoa, sorry to interrupt, but Bea Arthur just passed away. Man, I need to go watch Golden Girls now.