72-Year-Old Woman Survives 9 Days Alone in the Arizona Desert

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If you think you’re a survivor, meet Ann Rodgers, the 72-year-old who lasted over a week in the Arizona desert subsisting solely on plants and pond water.


Rodgers, according to ABC News, was driving with her dog and cat to visit her grandkids in Phoenix when she ran out of gas in the lonely area of Canyon Creek. The three had to bunker down for the night and when she and Queenie, the pup, set off later to the find cell service to call for help, they got lost. This led to nine days and nights alone in the desert.

Fortunately, Arizona Department of Public Safety officials found her car and the cat, kicking off a two-day aerial search for Rodgers. They didn’t find her. Days later, an officer found Queenie leaving the canyon. uring a second aerial search, officials saw a “help” sign Rodgers had fashioned from rocks and sticks.

“Further down the canyon, ADPS Ranger discovered what appeared to be a shelter that had been abandoned by Rodgers,” public safety said in a statement. “As ADPS continued the search and rounded a bend in the canyon, Rodgers was located standing next to a signal fire and waving to the helicopter.”


She was taken to the hospital in fair condition and could even walk by herself to the rescue helicopter.

“Age doesn’t mean inability, it can mean wisdom,” she said.

Image via ABC News.

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if there ever is any type of Apocalypse (zombie or hunger games style) i plan to just lie down and let the world take me. i have no desire to rough it out in the wilderness, ever