$700 Leather T-Shirt Guarantees Stylish Discomfort

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Places where one could comfortably wear this $700 leather t-shirt: Renaissance fair, riding a motorcycle, LARPing convention, a Maison Martin Margiela show (but only in 20 years), Ozzfest. Versatile! But that still doesn't make up for the skin-suctioning embrace.

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Stephan Zielinski



and note (A) it's lambskin, not cow leather, and (B) : "Model is 5'10" (175 cm) and wearing a small." 5'10" is also the average height for men in the USA. However, clicking on "view full measurements" reveals that the shirt in a small is 38" at the chest, and "bevan" has a 32" chest. I believe that technically, this means he would be classified as a species of bird.