70-Year-Old Roberto Cavalli Will Have Sex Another 15,000 Times Before He Dies

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"When he wasn't casting aspersions on other luxury brands, he lobbed ribald jokes as an Italian variety show flickered on the television behind him," writes Women's Wear Daily of its interview with designer Roberto Cavalli, otherwise known as bizarro Berlusconi. Says Cavalli of his new outpost in Japan, "I will demonstrate this to the dear Messrs. Chanel or other people like that. Fine, you dress the grandmothers and the mothers and I'll dress their kids." The designer, who is 70, says he plans to live another 50 years. In which time he intends to have sex 15,000 times. [WWD]

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Cosmopolitan's new Adele cover is out. This is the first time we can recall seeing Adele's face and body on the front of a magazine. [Cosmopolitan]

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H&M shot models and their families for its new holiday campaign. Included are Jerry Hall and her daughter, the model Georgia May Jagger; Kristen McMenamy and her two sons; and Karen Elson and her fraternal twin sister, the model Kate. [Fashionologie]

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Meanwhile, the current issue of British Vogue includes a Tim Walker photograph of a model dressed like a yak, riding a yak. The yak-like outfit costs £5820. [Guardian]

  • An Italian-American model named Vanessa Hessler has been dropped from a lucrative contract after she gave an interview expressing dismay over the Libyan uprising and lamenting that the Gaddafis are just "a normal family." Hessler had been dating Mutassim Gaddafi, the now-deposed dictator's fifth son, for four years when the uprising broke out. "The Gaddafi family is not how they are being depicted," she told an Italian magazine. "They are normal people." She called her relationship with Mutassim — who was killed on the same day as his father — "a very beautiful love story." [Vogue UK]

    The British Harper's Bazaar cover featuring Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, and Yasmin Le Bon is out. [CQ]

    Before Gisele Bündchen eats meat, she puts her hands over it, blesses it, and contemplates for a moment that what she is consuming was once a life. [Fashionologie]

    So secretive was Sarah Burton when she was making Kate Middleton's wedding dress that she didn't even tell her parents about the commission. Only core members of the Alexander McQueen staff who were directly involved with the project could know. Burton used the Met's then-upcoming McQueen retrospective as a cover story for why she was so often away from the office. [Telegraph]

    Vivienne Westwood stopped by Occupy London. [Evening Standard]

    Glamour's Women of the Year for 2011 are Arianna Huffington, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Sherman, and Jessica Alba. [WWD]

    Michelle Williams says she keeps her hair in a pixie cut because of Heath Ledger. "I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it." [Telegraph]

    Tavi Gevinson discusses in this new interview why she has begun to dress "more conventionally." It's so she can sneak the feminism out to a wider audience, folks. "I'm okay with making those compromises because I think Rookie could be a positive thing for a lot of people. If I had gone on the Early Show dressed like I used to, then the girls who don't know there's another option than Seventeen would probably think that Rookie was a site for freaks...I want girls who read stuff about needing to do ab workouts to get ready for swimsuit season to know that that's not the only option." [Teenage]

    Coco Rocha stopped by the offices of New York magazine and tutored the staff on model poses. The resulting video is hilarious. [The Cut]

    Newly 18-year-old Karlie Kloss has been confirmed for the Victoria's Secret fashion show. [Fashionologie]

    In 2005, a consortium of farmers, textile mills, manufacturers, brands, and other interested parties formed the Better Cotton Initiative to produce cotton using less pesticide, fertilizer, and water and to improve labor standards. Conventional cotton farming is incredibly water-intensive, and can pollute the local water table. The BCI's first crop has been milled into denim, and that denim has been sewn into jeans, which are just now reaching stores including Levi's, Adidas, H&M, and Marks & Spencer. Although the crop is small — 38,000 metric tons in 2010, out of the total 27 million metric tons cotton raised worldwide — this year the better cotton yield is expected to rise to 70,000 tons. Retailers aren't labeling products that contain better cotton, for now, because they want to avoid a price spike due to consumer demand (cotton prices are currently highish, and very volatile). [WWD]

    Rumer Willis: "When I see women walking around L.A. in heels I just wonder how they can do it. I'm baffled." [CM]

    Harper's Bazaar just hired the recently ex-creative director of British Vogue to help with a planned revamp. The magazine is cutting back to ten issues a year, but improving its paper stock. [WWD]

    Queen Victoria's underpants fetched $149,50 at auction. [MSNBC]

    According to Mayor Bloomberg, something called the "Culture Shed" at the $15 billion Hudson Yards development on the far West side of Manhattan will eventually host New York fashion week. NYFW in a shed. It could happen. We suppose. [WWD]

    And now, a moment with Azzedine Alaïa. In his interview with Style.com's Dirk Standen, the designer talks about getting his start in fashion (he learned to sew from his sister, and took a job doing piecework for a local dressmaker), designer-inspired clothes (he loves H&M and Zara) and the fashion system (he doesn't like how designers are supposed to show on a schedule). But when Standen called him "a great designer," Alaïa replied,

    I don't think I'm a great designer. I'm good, but great is another matter… I have a lot to learn.


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I'm pretty sure it would be cheaper to actually just buy a Yak than the yak outfit.