6'1" Eric Stonestreet to 5'5" Valerie Bertinelli: 'Move Out of the Way'

On Monday night, 5-foot 5-inch Valerie Bertinelli was watching Van Halen perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Behind her, 6-foot 1-inch Eric Stonestreet was taking a video of Van Halen performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Stonestreet, the taller of the two, said the following to Bertinelli, the shorter of the two.

Can you move out of the way, please? Thank you!

Bertinelli responded with admirable restraint, giving the Modern Family star a side eye that we are all lucky to have captured on video.


Stonestreet's caption ("Went to see Van Halen tonight on @jimmykimmel and this rando lady kept getting in my way. #ugh") as well Bertinelli's eventual response on Twitter suggest the interaction was all in good fun, but her initial side eye is as real and penetrating as they come. It is the look of someone who has been told to "move out of the way" more times than she'd like to count. But whether or not Stonestreet was joking or not, it's a good time to remind everyone of these two important rules:

  1. Never tell someone shorter than you to move out of the way at a live performance.
  1. Never film the live performance with your phone.

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Ugh, as someone who rounds up to say they are 5'2", I HATE this. All the fucking time these tall-ass dudes feel like they can shove you out of the way and get in front of you at concerts. Half the time I've given up on even caring, since I probably couldn't see already, but those times when I found that ONE little window where I can see a decent portion of the stage or at least one performer it is the most annoying thing in the world. If possible, I will hip check you if you try this. I've had people respond like, "wtf, bitch" and I tell them, "I'm already in this space, therefore you can't be here, too. Find your own space."