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6-Year-Old Girl Gets Full TSA Pat-Down

Rest assured that the TSA is keeping us safe from adorable little girls. In a video that surfaced today on YouTube, and agent is shown giving a girl a thorough pat-down, including running her hand over her chest and groin, and putting a finger inside her waistband. Before the search starts, the mother asks, "Can't you just re-scan her?" and the agent says, "No."


The mom mentions that the girl was given a drug test too, but a TSA representative tells the Boston Globe:

"TSA does not drug test air travelers. We screen passengers for dangerous weapons and explosives. I realize the mother of this little girl speculates that we're going to test her for drugs, but that couldn't be further from the truth."


Video Shows Young Girl Receiving Full Pat-Down From TSA [Boston Globe]

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TSA is doing their job folks. She seemed very nice about it, she talked the kid through it, and everyone survived. In unicorn shitting rainbows land people would never put anything illegal on the babies, but we don't live there. Just do your best, and try to dress the kiddos in clothes that wont set off an alarm.