A Florida Planned Parenthood offered "Black Friday Deals" on clinic visits and emergency contraception — $10 off doctor's visits and $5 off emergency contraception — and Jill Stanek, a particularly hyperbolic anti-abortion advocate who broke the super scandalous non-news, is not happy about it.

"You may think I'm setting you up for a spoof, but no," she wrote on her blog, next to a photo of the coupon.

The Christian Post picked up the story, reporting on how "The traditional first-day of Christmas shopping known as 'Black Friday' has taken on an entirely different meaning for a South Florida Planned Parenthood clinic that offered special pricing on birth control and emergency contraception to women if they visited the clinic between certain hours."

Wait, how is offering discounts on crucial and often expensive health care "entirely different" from...offering discounts in general?

The paper also claimed that Planned Parenthood was offering discounts on abortions in the story's headline, which would be awesome, but probably isn't the case, since Florida has a 24-hour waiting period and the coupon was clearly sent out right before Thanksgiving.

"When you step back and look at the ad objectively, there is no legitimate clinic that offers ads like this for women's healthcare," Stanek told The Christian Post. Another anti-choice advocate said that the coupons were "encouraging a lifestyle." Uh, how is offering discounts on clinic services any different from crisis pregnancy centers that try and entice women with free pregnancy tests?


It's great that Planned Parenthood realized that busy women might need the long weekend to take care of business — and would appreciate the discount, too.

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