After being roundly chastised for having—I mean, I guess, kind of—an opinion of sorts on the Israel-Palestine conflict and Tweeting about it, Kim Kardashian is going to make it up to the people of the Middle East by visiting Kuwait and Bahrain, and she's "determined" to learn about the conflict. She is also planning to "make appearances at some Millions of Milkshakes shops opening in the two countries." Yeah, we were serious about that milkshake thing. But, actually who doesn't love a milkshake?

Word to the wise, Kim: get an international power converter. The first night of my Birthright trip, all of the girls broke their Chi and/or Sedu hair straighteners by trying to shove the plug in the foreign electrical socket and I still hear the screaming. [Bossip]

After lying to cops about a car accident in L.A. last summer, Lindsay Lohan's probation in a jewelry theft case will be revoked as soon as a criminal lawyer files against her. So, like, she could get arrested at any point from here on out, leaving us all wondering what the FUCK she was thinking when she took that jewelry besides "OMG, where is that Bacardi Razz I put down, you guys I totally feel like Danny Oceannnnn." [Ace Showbiz]

So this is kind of a "boy who cried wolf" situation, but a close friend of Kate Middleton's says that she's pregnant and that she and Prince William are going to announce they're expecting in December. The friend's name is Jessica Hay and she's known Kate since she was fourteen. Hopefully you didn't just take a giant, fame-whoring dump on your friendship by spreading this rumor, Jessica Hay. [Examiner]

Prince William wins a poll for Most Popular Royal that I'm sure he totally gives shits about. [Daily Mail]

Nicki Minaj employs dubious religious imagery in the video for the song "Freedom." Aldous Snow said it best:

When I had this costume designed, I said 'Imagine an African... white... Christ, from Space. And this is what they came back with. An African, white space Christ. That's how it… Well see that's just the concept, you know? Obviously I'm not saying that I'm an African white space Christ, that'd be ridicu—that's just not for me. That's for other people… That's for other people to decide. If I'm like Christ.

And that slo-mo hawk is killing me, smalls.


Although Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together, Gomez remains "far from happy with how he has treated her" and has reconciled with him with "much heartache... things are still volatile between them." You guys are too motherfucking young for this. No mortgage, no dependents, no crappy shared neon-green Cadillac Seville you both need to drive to work, just get the fuck OUT. [Page Six]

"Last night was awesome/
Super fucking awesome/
It was me, myself, and I, and her/
We had ourselves a foursome."

—Lil Wayne, poet laureate of the United States, on "I Wanna Bang You," a new single with Paris Hilton. [TMZ]

  • Britney Spears' first husband Jason Alexander (LOLz) is dating a woman who has kids by Kevin Federline so there's that. [Radar Online]
  • Rihanna had a secret celebrity concert and people like Chloe Moretz were there. [Daily Mail]
  • And dissension on the Rihanna Plane continues. [Entertainmentwise]
  • Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn has Tweeted a creepy poster for his new movie Only God Forgives, starring Ryan Gosling. [Twitter]
  • Anne Hathaway wants a baby. [Monsters and Critics]
  • Chelsea Clinton wants a baby. [Page Six]
  • Ariel Winter's father opposes her guardianship. [AP]
  • Salma Hayek says Kevin James is a good kisser. [Contact Music]
  • Russell Crowe hasn't seen his kids that much since his split from Danielle Spencer. [Express]
  • Rob Schneider and his wife had a girl baby named Miranda Scarlett. [People]
  • "Parma ham crudo and mozzarella, eggplant parmigiana, mini beef sliders, pasta with chickpeas, a salad with marinated anchovies... a thousand layer pastry with cream and fresh berries... [and] red wine." —What Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis ate in Rome. I'm hungry now. [People]
  • I'm sorry, this picture of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy just gives me the weirds. [E!]
  • D'aww, my/your/America's unicorn Taylor Swift had pink hair for a music video! [Us Weekly]
  • Kate Upton is gonna be in a Superbowl commercial for Mercedes-Benz. [Page Six]
  • I take it all back! Frankel also had Coco as a guest and used her butt as a shelf – all is forgiven. [Radar]
  • If you happened to be at Bleecker Street Pizza last night, yes, you were served by Steven Tyler. [Page Six]
  • Jessica Biel Timberlake used the phrase "balls on wood" to describe an awkward sauna experience. Good show. [Radar Online]