Last night at the 13th annual Latin Grammy Awards — held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas — celebrities hit the red carpet in plunging necklines, short hemlines and enough sequins to drown a Rockette. You may not know some of these names or faces, but you'll never forget some of these outfits.

Red was a very popular color last night. Singer Desiree Estrada rocked a beauty pageant gown and oversized accessories.

Also in red: Singer Paulina Aguirre, wrapped up like a present. Singer/actress Mayra Veronica showing off that hourglass figure. Not shy.

Singer Diana Navarro brought a wrap, but didn't really wear it.

More red! Actress Giselle Blondet, singer Sensato, singer Milly Quezada.

Two very different ways to do red: Luz Casal in a sheath with leather arm warmers. Carla Morrison in something that looks like a wardrobe malfunction, but isn't.

Crisp crimson column on Lili Estefan.

This is actress Marian Gavelo… I swear there were no pictures of her face.

Natalie Cole's skin looks glorious and glowing in vivid fuchsia.

Bright lemony yellow on Miss Dominican Republic US Chantel Martinez. Hot pink on TV personality Danielle Demski. Dig the topknot.

Singer Pasion Vega has an awesome haircut, and AKA ladies would love that gown. Actress Ivelisse Santos picked a rather hideous yellow and sheer panel dress, but her eyelashes are spectacular.

Blues: Model Carolina Catalino, singer Rosario Ortega, life coach Karen Hoyos.

Love all the feathers and bracelets on fresh-faced singer Duina del Mar.

Rosy, floral, formal: Singer Cristina Eustace.

Gray, but not somber: Model Alejandra Espinoza.

Retro vibe, complete with gold platform shoes for recording artist Deborah de Corral — who looks kind of like a cross between Alexa Chung and Sofia Coppola. Figure-hugging lace on singer Marilyn Odessa.

Not-so-basic-black: That's an insanely low neckline on My Lifestyle Magazine President and CEO Elizabeth Ortiz. Singer Ninel Conde looks like she might not be able to breathe. I've got a crush on the befeathered frock television personality Lourdes Stephen is wearing, and the slick sequined pants and tunic on singer Ana Victoria are very chic and modern.

Cool, coordinating couples: Chairman of the Latin Recording Academy Luis Cobos and his wife Patricia Cobos; actress/model Karen Martinez and singer Juanes; Angelica Castro and host Cristian de la Fuente.

Now we're entering the metallics: Gold on actress Odalys Garcia — she is her own award statuette.

Gunmetal: TV personality Karen Sierra, whose dress is so long and so low that if she takes a step forward and her foot pulls on the hem, her breasts will pop out and be set free.

These three are quite nice! In sparkling silver is Venezuelan model Alexandra Olavarria. In gold with a blouson bodice is singer America Sierra. And that show-stopping tigress gown singer Beatriz Luengo is wearing on the right is fierce.

Recording artist Skyblu of LMFAO gets Gangnam style widdit.

Now for some pale hues… Journalist Pamela Silva Conde has some kind of sea anemones growing on her bosom. Singer Rakel looks like a delicious wedding cake.

What's that you say? Sick of nude/illusion/see-through and faux-sheer? Television personality Julie Ferretti has looked into your soul and she is not impressed.

These two dresses are super pretty: Sparkling, whisper-light beige on Mexican actress and singer Zuria Vega; delicate apricot on actress/singer Ana Brenda Contreras .

Also pretty in a pale hue: Mexican television personality Marisol Gonzalez.

Finally, looking simply stunning, even if I am sick of beige/nude/buff/sheer: Nelly Furtado. Maybe this is champagne? Let's call this champagne. Bubbly, bright, sparkling.

Images via Getty.