Before women were granted the right to vote in 1918 and 1920 in the UK and US, respectively, there was a very, very long discussion about whether giving women the vote was a good idea in the first place. In fact, people were so adamantly against giving women the vote that the more artistically inclined of the anti-suffragette set were fond of creating tacky anti-ladyvoting postcards, that presumably they could swap with other anti-suffragettes and then laugh and laugh. Here's Collectors' Weekly's Lisa Hix explaining the history of the postcards as an old timey meme.

Think of them like the turn of the 20th century equivalent of the poorly photoshopped Obama with a bone through his nose email forward.

Anyway, enjoy this rundown on how suffragettes are ugly, loveless hags who want only to steal pants (and dicks, probably!) from the men and forcing the dudes to do dehumanizing lady things like hold children and get bossed around. Giving women rights is just like taking rights away from men!

With a little updating, these could easily be retooled into Romney/Ryan ads.