Did you hear that? It sounded like a bumper of a Benz smashing against the bumper of a Bentley. Or maybe it sounded more like a handful of gold coins being angrily thrown at courtside Brooklyn Nets seats. While the noise may be hard to classify, it's easy to determine its source — that, my friends, is the sound of two famous rich people not getting what they want. Yes, power couple and personal heroes Jay Z and Beyonce have failed to trademark Blue Ivy, the name given to their firstborn child/possible second coming of Christ.

Beyonce and Jay Z initially planned on trademarking Blue Ivy in order to start a line of baby products but ran into legal trouble upon the discovery that a Boston event company has been operating under the name Blue Ivy since 2009. This past Tuesday, courts ruled that Blue Ivy Events owner Veronica Alexandra could continue using the name and that the Knowles-Carters have "no legal rights to keep the name to themselves."

What will you do now that Blue Ivy is fair game? I'm going to write a Blue Ivy book series about a girl named Ivy who battles depression while attending Dartmouth. I haven't started a draft yet, but if anyone out there is interested in optioning, please email me directly.

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Image via Hello Blue Ivy Carter.