Last night in New York, Tyra Banks presented the Flawsome Ball, a gala benefiting the Tyra Banks TZONE at the Lower Eastside Girls Club. According to the official site, it's a "leadership development center" offering development workshops, mentoring and community-wide events, so that preteens and teens can build self-esteem, and become entrepreneurs and change-makers. Sounds great! But what did everyone wear? Let's take a look.

God, Allyson Felix, could you be more adorable? Isn't it enough that you won the Olympic gold medal for the 200? JK, please come over to my house for cocktails and Wii?

Aww, John Leguizamo brought his daughter. Adorbs. Not adorbs: That time ANTM's Lisa D'Amato peed in a diaper. But back to the here and now: I feel like I reference The Fifth Element a lot, and she is not helping me cut back. This is exactly what you wear when you're going to see Diva Plavalaguna perform. I like it.

Clay Aiken is basically Ned Flanders, Y/N? Sweating Marcus Samuelsson's gold Basquiat sneakers.

Estelle: All blue everything.

Sessilee Lopez, golden girl.

Chanel Iman looks amazing in grommets and carrying grommets. Grommets!

Soledad O'Brien takes time out of her busy schedule to party, looks gorgeous while doing so.

Rosario Dawson is no fuss, no muss in a simple little black dress. Her mom looks proud!

Under that mask is Mary Alice Stephensen, who's worked for Vogue, Allure, Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar. Is it that kind of party? Apparently it is! Confusing, though, since Dylan Lauren is dressed for a backyard barbecue in South Hampton. But's it's such a sunny yellow, you can't be mad.

A sharp little tux jacket elevates Padma Lakshmi's simple black dress. Meanwhile, Genevieve Jones is killing me softly with that headpiece. Want.

Damaris Lewis channels 1992 in a hat and satin pants. Gayle King classes up the joint with a simple sheath.

Here's Tyra with powercouple Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler. And with Rob Evans, the scorching hot model she denies she is dating.

Tyra is really and truly beautiful, but that loose pile of someone else's hair is distracting. Shame. It looks like Cabbage Patch cornsilk. Her mom looks great though!

More TyTy. You know you love it.

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