Breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! has teamed up with the MCAC to promote awareness of male breast cancer with a new series of PSAs featuring Bridesmaids Chris O'Dowd as the "man with the best job in the world" โ€” a health and safety officer for the fictional Topless Female Trampolining World Championships. No, you haven't accidentally taken the DeLorean back to a 1999 Man Show taping โ€” this is happening in the here and now.

How this promotes awareness of male breast cancer isn't entirely clear, but the gist is this: BOOBS. BOOBS. BOOBS. Chris O'Dowd. BOOOOOOOBS. More real information can be found at their website โ€” called (groan) the Bouncies โ€” but O'Dowd offers this: "TIT. Have you tried turning them off and on again?"


Women Trampoline Topless For Male Breast Cancer Cause [AdRants]