When it comes to the monochromatic neutral-hued ensembles Francisco Costa designed for the Spring 2013 Calvin Klein collection, it's all about details: Delicate strings layered over a strapless dress; a sculpted bodice encircled with a slender inky ribbon; tailored jackets quietly unadorned. And look, maybe there is a message here, about the fine lines between simple and plain. Controlled isn't the same as callous. Perhaps we're meant to discover when, exactly, imperturbable becomes aloof; when cool becomes cold. Just because something is calm and collected doesn't mean it's emotionless and boring.

THAT SAID. As a maximalist into glamour, sequins, leopard print and drama, I hate these clothes. Snoozefest. Except for the aforementioned delicate interlaced strings draped over a strapless dress — that's beautiful. Click through and see.

Hello, beautiful.

Images via Getty.