In this week's TV roundup, fun is had at the Democratic National Convention, teenagers scream at the MTV Video Music Awards and Doctor Who comes back for a seventh season.

1.) Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose announce their pregnancy at the VMAs.
But all I can focus on is A.) how shit-faced Ke$ha is and B.) how she's caught a real bad case of Stodden mouth.

2.) Speaking of the VMAs, Rihanna sounds rough and Nicki Minaj wants gum.
A round of Oofs for me and my friends.

3.) And now to the DNC!
This awesome woman in yellow is emphatically prochoice.

4.) Is the Democratic Party the party of inclusion and acceptance?
The Daily Show's Best Fucking News Team investigates.

5.) San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro's daughter has mastered the hair whip.
Take note, Willow Smith.

Clip via Buzzfeed.

6.) Have you noticed a physical similarity between Castro and a certain Late Night host?
Jimmy Fallon has.

7.) Michelle Obama sets a Twitter record.
Stephen Colbert explains.

8.) The Eleventh Doctor is back.
Bow ties are still cool, but what the hell is going on with the Ponds?

9.) Rob Delaney likes his women hairy.
Now, before you watch this, please bear in mind that comedian and Twitter celebrity Rob Delaney has proved he's a solid feminist several times over. Don't let his pervy onscreen persona sway you.

10.) Bob Mould blows the roof off of The Late Show with David Letterman.
Have a nice weekend? Don't mind if I Dü.