If there's one cause both left and right-wing Americans can stand united behind, it's moms: both the Republican and Democrat Conventions couldn't have been more mom-obsessed if they had actually taken place in a hospital maternity ward. But almost half of all Americans are single, and 44 percent of American women between the age of 15 and 44 are not giving birth, up 10 percent from 1990. So where are all the childless women representatives?

"If aa single, childless middle-aged woman whose name isn't Condi Rice had given one of those speeches, I'd like to think it would have gone a little something like this," writes Katherine Lanpher for XX Factor. "Good Evening fellow and sister Americans. I have been asked to speak to you tonight as an average American: a single woman who doesn't have children."


But, as Lanpher points out, a single woman apparently has to be a nun or called a slut (like Sandra Fluke) to get to speak about being an American on behalf of either party. "I am looking forward to a day when American women who are moms and in political life can tell the American people about their Ivy League degrees and their career accomplishments, not just about the deep love they have for their children that only mothers can have, that narcissistic shallow single people will never, ever feel for anyone.," Lanpher writes. Amen.

The Convention Speech We'll Never Hear [XX Factor]