Good news for you superhero fans out there โ€” Wonder Woman, with her Lasso of Truth and shiny chestnut mane, could very well be flying her invisible plane back onto the airwaves. The CW is currently hammering out details on a possible Wonder Woman pilot that, instead of focusing on her time as an experienced fighter of evil, will instead explore her origins and struggles as she discovers her powers. (Like Clark Kent in Smallville, but with tits.)

The script, according to Vulture, is being written by Allan Heinberg (who has previously penned episodes of The O.C. and Grey's Anatomy, as well as the Young Avengers comic book series) under the working title Amazon โ€” but the idea of a revamped Wonder Woman series has seen its share of false starts. Last year, NBC declined to pick up David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot starring Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki. Poor Tyra โ€” she's always seeing other people succeed in places she's worked twice as hard to get to.

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