In this week's TV roundup, Cybill Shepherd awkwardly discusses her engagement, Chloë Sevigny has a very public orgasm, an anchor accidentally harasses his colleague on air and a church painting gets destroyed.

1.) Cybill Shepherd does not want to discuss her engagement.
Or maybe she just wants to get the hell away from Billy Bush?

2.) Jimmy Fallon introduces us to a new genre of music: Barbershop Reggae.
Inner Circle's "Sweat" is pretty rapey, huh?

3.) Your girlfriend Rachel Maddow discussed Todd Akin on the Late Show.

4.) Speaking of Letterman, Dave outdrank an adorable Bill Hader.
And we got to see Bill do the Yo Gabba Gabba! dance!

5.) A Canadian local news anchor asks his coworker to canoodle, is shut down immediately.
Did this guy really not know what "canoodling" meant or is this one of those accidentally-on purpose situations?

6.) Louis C.K. is forced to watch Chloë Sevigny jerk-off in a very public place.
In this week's Louie, Louis enlists the help of one It Girl (Chloë Sevigny) to find fellow It Girl Parker Posey. And then Chloë Sevigny starts masturbating.

7.) Hoda and Kathie Lee are not happy about the terrified wolf peeing on the set of the Today Show.
Come on, ladies. With all that booze you drink, you must understand a little incontinence.

8.) Working with Tom Hardy made Shia LaBeouf feel like Josh Groban.
Uh, you raise me up?

9.) What the hell is going on with Al Roker?
Really, I only included this clip because seeing Al Roker frozen in place like that is so hilarious and yet somehow it got left out of last week's roundup. Let's watch this video whenever we are sad.

10.) Speaking of hilarious, the defacement of a historic church fresco should not be funny, but, sorry (not sorry), this is really fucking funny.
There's nothing inherently hysterical about a historic piece of art being destroyed, but, in the case of this fresco in Northeastern Spain, I really think the update is an improvement.