In this week's TV round up, Al Roker throws shade at Matt Lauer, Ryan Lochte is confused by Kristen Bell, Beyonce goes on Anderson 360 and a boy band reunites.

1.) Kristen Bell tries on Ryan Lochte's gold medals.
What a pair! With her charm, humor and talent and his looks and... well, looks — why, they'll be unstoppable!

2.) The Olympic Fierce 5 get a new gig interning for Stephen Colbert.
If you thought internships were rough now, just you wait. Soon they'll all require tumbling.

3.) The Glee Project chooses its winner and — what a surprise — it's another handsome white boy.
While The Glee Project certainly prides itself on promoting diversity and offering a chance at stardom to those who generally wouldn't get one, it has yet to follow through on making any of these so-called different kids' dreams come alive. Blake was crowned the winner of season 2, making him the third handsome white dude to claim the prize. To his credit, Blake has been nothing but a gracious, talented sweetheart throughout the competition, but come on, Ryan Murphy — let's drop the pretense that this competition is doing something bold and heroic.

4.) Beyonce was on Anderson 360 to promote World Humanitarian Day.

5.) Let's go into the kitchen with David Cross.
It's amazing what they can do with green screen these days.

6.) Brian Williams has a sinister relationship with his dog.
According to Jon Stewart, NBC anchor Brian William's relationship with his dog Qawwali, "a furry love bucket," creeps everyone out.

7.) Another touching moment in parenthood, courtesy of Louis C.K.
The opening of this week's Louie, a segment in which his six-year-old daughter masterfully plays the violin, perfectly sums up why this show is so great — a beautiful and tender moment undercut by annoyance and reality.

8.)The Spice Girls reunite at the Olympic Closing Ceremony.
Thank you, ladies, for coming back to spice up our tired, wretched lives.

9.) Speaking of reunions, 98 Degrees got back together on the Today Show.
First of all, was anybody asking for this? Secondly, SADFACE.

10.) Was Al Roker referencing Ann Curry when he said the Today Show "throws you under the bus?"
Certainly sounds like it. Good for you, Al.

BONUS: Let's bring on the weekend by listening to Brittany Howard and the Alabama Shakes tear it up Jimmy Kimmel Live.