In this week's TV round up, Fred Willard explains himself, Louis C.K. wears a dress, Samantha Bee exposes the rebellious nature of nuns and Stephen Colbert demonstrates how the Bible and Fifty Shades of Grey are pretty much the same thing.

1.) Louis goes on a date with a very intense Parker Posey.
An interaction between Louis C.K. and Parker Posey is already a great thing, but then you put Louis in a dress and it's off the charts.

2.) It's always embarrassing when two people show up to the same event wearing the same thing...
One can only imagine that that embarrassment is amplified when the two people are Zach Galifianakis and Paul Shaffer and that event is The Late Show with David Letterman.

3.) Here's part three of Jimmy Fallon's delightful interview with Bill Cosby.
You can watch parts 1 and 2 here.

4.) Fred Willard on porno theaters: "They are great places to take a nap."
Fred Willard also stopped by Late Night this week to promote his new show, yes, but also to discuss the recent scandal where he was allegedly caught masterbating in a porno theater. To his credit, he handles the situation with as much grace as he possibly could.

5.) Watch it, Angie. Olympic weightlifter Holly Mangold is coming for your man.
We'll give her an 8 for chutzpah, but just a 3 for originality in choosing a crush.

6.) Some hotels are offering copies of Fifty Shades of Grey instead of Bibles.
But why do that, asks Stephen Colbert, when the books are pretty much the same thing?

7.) Speaking of religion Catholic nuns are going rogue.
U.S. nuns have been criticized by the Vatican for falling out of line and focusing too much on Christ's actual message. Samantha Bee reports.

8.) Just a reminder that Ed Helms is also a musical genius.
Legend has it that Ed Helms, who also has perfect pitch, can master practically any instrument. It's not hard to believe after watching him jam out on the banjo with Reggie Watts.

9.) London mayor Boris Johnson has a bit of an inferiority complex.
And Brian Williams is about to make it worse.

10.) Let's go out with a bit of Tennis.
If this music doesn't make you want to let your hair down and enjoy summer, I don't know what will.