In this week's TV roundup, Frank Ocean kills it on Late Night, parents are horrible on Cheer Perfection, Andy Cohen hosts a mini Clueless reunion and Topher Grace has a heated moment with Will Arnett.

1.) Frank Ocean makes his television debut.
Here he is singing "Bad Religion" off of his freshman studio album Channel Orange. It's some pretty beautiful stuff.

2.) Here's Jimmy Fallon paying homage to Russell Brand's new television disaster Brand X.

3.) Bill Nye (The Science Guy!) talks about climate change on CNN.
"If you google your name 'Bill Nye,' you're the kooky guy who doesn't know what he's talking about." Well, first, that's very rude, CNN. Secondly, what?

4.) Cheer Perfection: for viewers who love Toddlers & Tiaras, but wish it had more footage of kids wiping out.
These parents are cheer-ifying.

5.) Sorry, Charlie!
I know I'm the only one in the world who watches The Glee Project, which, you know what, fair enough. It's probably not a very good show. Still, let me rap at you about Charlie. He's the worst. Not as a performer — as a performer he's fine (talented even), but as a human being? UGH. Anyways, he's always changing the lyrics to songs in order to flirt with Ryan Murphy, but this week, Murphy (to his credit) was not having it and Charlie got the ax.

It also could have been because the other two girls in the bottom three sang very well.

6.) Jimmy Kimmel finds another Christian Grey lookalike on his very own crew.
I don't know, I still think that's sketch is a dead ringer for James Deen.

7.) Clueless's Elton and Murray were reunited on Watch What Happens Live.
Donald Faison is a gentleman and Jeremy Sisto doesn't remember what a Monet is. Get it together, Elton.

8.) There's some real sexual tension between Topher Grace and Will Arnett happening right now.
Comedy Bang! Bang! continues to provide IFC with its delightful weirdness.

9.) Here's a scene from season 7 of Dexter.
Needless to say, major fucking spoiler alert.

10.) Let's celebrate the return of Breaking Bad with this Jesse Pinkman montage.
Breaking Bad returns Sunday and Rich Juzwiak over at Gawker created an amazing supercut to commemorate the occasion. It's not exactly a TV clip, but I think watching Jesse say yo again and again is a pretty good way for us to get in the mood.