In this week's TV roundup, a vampire and her maker breakup on True Blood, "Imma let you finish" comes full circle, the Alabama Shakes shake up Late Night and Sarah Palin sure loves her guns.

1.) Your Newest Ship: Nellie and Blake from The Glee Project
Let me let you in on a secret. I unironically like The Glee Project. It combines teenagers, singing, earnestness and Zach Woodlee — all delightful and entertaining things. And then there are adorably cheesy moments like this. FYI, a brief search of the web shows that the kids of Tumblr are on this Nellie and Blake thing like white on rice.

2.) Jay-Z interrupts Kanye mid-speech at the 2012 BET Awards.
Yeezy has a point. He was defending Beyonce, after all.

3.) Inside Conan is a real romantic.
You just have to dig through several layers of ham to find him.

4.) How come no one brought up that Drag U is back?!
I apologize. The only person I should be mad at is myself.

5.) Vampire Eric releases his progeny Pam on True Blood.
You know, this show has gotten so fucking goofy that I almost forgot how handsome ASkars is. ALMOST.

6.) "Walking to Work" with Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts
Yep. Very normal and straight forward.

7.) No surprises here. The Palins love their guns.
When Sarah Palin guns down wolves from a helicopter, why shouldn't she use a gun that's also an adorable accessory? Also, Happy Birthday, Sarah!

8.) BrandX goes from bad to worse.

9.) A workplace email gaff on The Newsroom.
Guys, Will's not an asshole. He's just a jilted lover and, whoops, everybody knows it.

(P.S. He is also just an asshole.)

10.) Let's ring in the weekend with some Alabama Shakes.
Do they come any more rock and roll than Brittany Howard?