In this week's TV roundup, Detective Stabler comes to Bon Temps, Olivia Wilde charms on The Colbert Report, Fiona Apple celebrates Paul McCartney's birthday with the Roots and we say goodbye to Girls.

1.) Your celebrity girlfriend Olivia Wilde has an act-off with Stephen Colbert.
This is some of the best damn hand-acting you'll ever see.

2.) Alec Baldwin defends himself on Letterman.
I once heard Nathan Fillion speaking on a podcast about how the reason actors get paid so much money is not because acting is hard, but because they're basically paying you to give up your private life. I understand that it sucks to be hounded by paparazzi all the time, but I also understand — OH MY GOD SHUT UP ALEC BALDWIN.

3.) Christopher Meloni makes his True Blood debut.
Sure, True Blood. Just — sure.

4.) Speaking of True Blood, here's Kylie Minogue eating Doritos off of Joe Manganiello's beer gut.

5.) The Glee Project gleefully tackles bullying.
This is Ryan Murphy's bread and butter.

6.) Fiona Apple honors Paul McCartney on Fallon.
And she is so excited about it!

7.) Here's the International trailer for The Watch.
The good news: Richard Ayoade! The bad news: this one is for the d0000dz.

8.) Gary Oldman teaches athletes to act.
Why are they dissing Shaq? Have they seen Kazaam?!

9.) The Romney robots were on Conan.
Could their creators really not have programed them to display basic human behavior?

10.) When did Adam become the best character on Girls?
Happy first season, Girls. I ended up really liking you.