In this week's TV roundup, dead people walk on Game of Thrones, Chris O'Dowd wants a threesome, Jimmy Fallon does "Call Me Maybe" and we bravely face the return of The Glee Project.

1.) OMG! It's the return of Lori Beth Denberg!
Everyone's favorite All That cast member appeared as herself on an episode of Workaholics. Oh, Rumer Willis was there, too.

2.) Chris O'Dowd is a real creeper on Girls.
But we love him so much that we'll forgive him anything — even that not-so-hot American accent.

3.) The Daily Show covers the aftermath of Wisconsin's failed recall.
Wisconsinites are the closest thing this country has to Canadians. Correction: They were the closest thing this country had to Canadians.

4.) Andy Samberg discusses why he didn't get a Kristen Wiig-style send-off from SNL.
You want to know what happens when you procrastinate? Mick Jagger sings for someone else.

5.) Ken Cosgrove makes a major move.
Overall, it was a very dark week on Mad Men, but there was one bright spot. Ken Cosgrove — arguably the most good-hearted person on that whole damn show — leveraged himself into a pretty powerful position, locking Pete Campbell out in the process.

6.) The Glee Project is back with a whole new band of real-life misfits.
On this season: a lesbian, a blind person, a transgender boy, a girl in wheelchair and Rufio.

7.) And here's Conan nuzzling a couple of baby jaguars.

8.) Don't judge a book by its cover on America's Got Talent.
Careful. Andrew might make you cry your milky lenses right out of your eyeballs.

9.) Here's Carly Rae Jepson, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots doing "Call Me Maybe."
That was cool. Now, can we all agree to never listen to this song ever again?

10.) Oh, no. The white walkers are en-fucking-route on Game of Thrones.
Holy shit. What a terrifying and awesome ending to an overall amazing season.

Game of Thrones Bonus: JAQEN H'GHAR FACE SWAP.