In this week's TV roundup, we toast the return of Community, the Muppets make the rounds, Jessica Simpson is very pregnant, and Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman get drunk on Today while wearing bathrobes.

1.) Six seasons and a movie!
Community is back! Last night's episode was great, too, particularly the Troy and Abed storyline about losing their weirdness. I felt like that was Community's way of telling the fans that they will stay true to their fantastic, freak roots and won't straighten out under the pressure of ratings.

2.) Joel McHale also stopped by to talk with Hoda and Kathy.
I am just really happy Community is back.

3.) Rock Center goes inside the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with Amy Poehler.
Feeling the loss of Leslie Knope? Watch this featurette on the Upright Citizens Brigade, the wonderful improv theatre that Amy Poehler helped to found.

4.) Anderson Cooper tries on wigs with Miss Piggy.
Miss Piggy is not a fan of Anderson's look.

5.) Miss Piggy's beau Kermit is a special correspondent on The Colbert Report.

6.) Jess tries to get Schmidt to loosen up on New Girl.
Sorry, Zooey. Schmidt is clearly the heart and soul of this show.

7.) Jessica Simpson is very very pregnant, you guys.
And the Shrimp Shrump is craving slutty brownies.

8.) Dennis is back on 30 Rock, dummies.
It's a Saint Patrick's Day miracle.

9.) Brad's break-up montage on Happy Endings
I would be okay with being broken up with at a restaurant if the restaurant would fry anything on their menu.

10.) Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman don robes and drink bloodies.
Ron without a mustache! Ron without a mustaaaaaaaaache!